Restore Your Garage Floor

Restore Your Garage Floor

Choose garage epoxy coating or other coatings in Cheyenne, WY

Is your garage floor pitted, cracked, stained or simply unattractive? If you want to enhance the look and durability of your concrete floor, turn to Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne. Our quick, affordable floor coatings will repair and protect the floor of your garage. Epoxy coating service, one of our top services in Cheyenne, WY, will give your floor a stylish makeover in just one day.

What will Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne do for you?

You can rely on us to perform a fast, affordable and stylish floor makeover in just one day. When we add your garage floor finish, we'll:

  • Mechanically grind the entire floor's surface, giving the floor a rough texture to which the coating will adhere
  • Apply primer as necessary
  • Spread a coating on your garage floor
  • Finish the new coating with a clear coat

You can choose between a variety of high-quality products for your garage, like epoxy coating, flake coating or polyurea. Your durable new garage floor finish will be chemical-resistant, stain-resistant and free of pits and cracks.

You can trust our crew to do more than just create a sturdy floor. We'll give your floor a customized appearance with the colors of your choice. It'll even have an anti-slip surface. You'll be glad you chose a new floor by Custom Floor Painters of Cheyenne. Call 307-259-8297 today to get started on your garage floor finish.