drywall repair in cheyenne, wy

Achieve invisible drywall patches

Drywall Repair & Patching in Cheyenne, WY

To achieve a professional interior paint job, drywall repair may have to be done first. Drywall repair is an art in itself and a trade that many run from because the challenge is making the finished patch look unnoticeable. Many times the painters point fingers at the dry-wallers or vice versa when a wall or ceiling patch looks poor. Since we do both sheetrock repair and interior painting, we can take ownership of the entire process and make that drywall patch look as good as possible in your Cheyenne, WY home. Contact us today! 

The general procedure starts with replacing the damaged sheetrock. Two to three coats of mud are applied over joint tape and sanded smoothly. This process can create a fine dust, so it is imperative to plastic off the entire area so it doesn’t spread throughout the house. The most important part of sheetrock repair is matching the existing texture. We analyze the surrounding texture to decide if its:

  • Orange Peel 
  • Splatter 
  • Knockdown


We then mix the mud, pick our spray tips appropriately and use the best spray machines on the market to give the most invisible drywall patch possible. Once it dries, we can coat it with a high quality primer and paint to bring it to its former glory.