About the Company

Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne began in July of 2014. Eric McDonald, the founder had run successful painting companies in other towns since 2010. When he and his wife moved to Cheyenne and decided to settle here, he was ambitious to start another professional painting company and Cheyenne was the perfect place to do it. There was a huge need for a respectable, professional and local paint company that could service the specific needs of homeowners. People had no idea who to use and were lucky to even get a hold of a painter; and getting excited about having them crawl all over their house was another story. Well, thankfully this has all changed! As the buzz of Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne spreads rapidly throughout the community, we are able to show homeowners that we are out to serve them in a way that is uplifting and enjoyable for everyone.

We fill a niche of specialized custom repaints. While others run from the idea of having to serve a customer, we actually love working with a homeowner. This community is full of amazing people, and we get the chance to build new relationships everyday. Please don’t mistake us for just a painting company. Although that is what we do, the reason behind it is to create relationships with people and affect them in a positive way. We want to see people around town and greet them cheerfully, introduce them to our families, and become lifelong friends, because we had the chance to serve them in a way that brought them joy.

We serve our customers through painting the outsides and insides of their homes as well as stain their decks and fences. We are not interested in using poor products to give us “job security” when they all need painted again in 5 years. We have a saying that, “We will be here for a couple days, but what we leave on your house will stay for the next 10 years, so it better be good.” We use only the best grades of paint and primers at Sherwin Williams so you can have the best looking and longest lasting paint job in town.

There are so many exciting things to mention about Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne, but we should leave the rest until we can meet with you personally at your home. We truly would be honored to meet you and start another great friendship. Just give us a call and away we will go.