Revive Your Worn-Out Fence

Call us for fence staining and fence painting in Cheyenne, Laramie WY as well as Greeley & Northern Colorado

While a new fence looks great when it's initially installed, it can start to weather after a couple of years. Custom Home Painters of Cheyenne can revive your worn-out fence so it looks like new.

You have many product options when it comes to staining your fence, including:


  • Clear sealers
  • Transparent oils
  • Semi-transparent stains
  • Semi-solid stains
  • Solid stains
  • fence painting

Using the right equipment and techniques, our team will give your fence the facelift it needs.


Protect the integrity of your wood with fence staining and painting services

The ultimate goal of staining is to protect the wood from moisture and UV light. Rely on us to recommend the stain that would be best for your fence. Our team knows how to effectively stain your fence so that it will look sharp and last for many years. Call now to request a free quote on your fence staining and painting service in Cheyenne, WY or Greeley, CO.